Our beans travel well, here are some cooking tips for the great outdoors!

Backpackers, Hunters

Our beans are fully cooked, so you can eat them right out of the bag or add them to your favorite trail mix for a quick protein fix!

Create "meals in a bag" in advance at home by adding: Ready Beans, dehydrated meat, rice, quinoa, dehydrated potato, dehydrated onion, powdered cheese, parmesan cheese, bacon crumbles, polenta, etc.
Simply add boiling water to your creation, zip the bag shut and let stand for 8-10 minutes, stir. Let stand longer or add additional hot water to reach desired thickness.

To cook Ready Beans alone:

1) Boil water

2) Measure your bean serving and place in a cooking bag

3) Add boiling water to the beans. A 1:1 ratio is a good place to start (1/2 cup beans to 1/2 cup water) stir and zip bag.

4) Let stand at least 8-10 minutes, stir once about half way through standing time. Beans will rehydrate and thicken upon standing.

5) If still to "thin" after the standing time passes, let stand until it reaches your desired thickness.


1) Measure your serving size. A 1:1 ratio is a good place to start.

2) Boil water.

3) Add the beans to the water and stir.

4) Cover and let stand at least 8-10 minutes. Beans will rehydrate and thicken upon standing.

5) Remove cover and stir at least once during the standing time. Replace the cover afterwards.

6) After the standing time passes, remove cover and stir. If still too "thin" let stand additional time. Serve when it reaches your desired thickness.

Great for the RV too!

Just follow the simple package directions.